Friday, November 7, 2008

The Sonic Avenues Live Up To Their Name! EP Review

Sonic Avenues

Sonic Avenues
Ricochet Records

The premier label for Montreal legends The Gruesomes has neat little secret in The Sonic Avenues. These guys have great harmonies and are chock full of crunched out powerchords. They live up to their name on the first track "Off The Ground (ready to get back at you)" with super loud dual guitars and some furious drumming. However, the vocal harmonies are intense and provide a great contrast to the controlled assault. One thing immediately noticed is that these guys are really tight. The sound is slightly Jam influenced mod rock, but two guitars make it a hell of a lot louder and definitely different. "Driftin' Apart" takesa a basic, almost Pretenders feel with the prominence of the bass, but the basic sound is unmistakable and rarely heard in that way anymore. It's also a really cool thing when a new band reminds you of a great band that you haven't listened to in a long time.

"Sinful Eye" is just straight-up mod fun. It's so melodically basic, but the no frills approach in guitar and harmonies make it instantly likable in the sense that it's a perfect combination of elements. However, the "Sonic" part of heavier guitars is still there for a surprise. The final track "Close To You" has a slight "Town Called Malice" feel that's updated. This EP is short and sweet. Although one can say it's easier to achieve perfection with a smaller body of work, The Sonic Avenues are presently working on a new album. Given their great introduction with the EP, one can only expect much more on their upcoming new offering. These guys are something to look out for.

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