Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweetness In A Better Portion: The Cocktail Slippers - St. Valentines Day Massacre

The Cocktail Slippers

St. Valentines Day Massacre
Wicked Cool Records

As if not to spoil one's appetite with too much chocolate, Wicked Cool Records is offering up a little treat from Norway's all female act The Cocktail Slippers, with a digital single and 7" release only. The title and release date reveal an eye towards the holiday, the Little Steven penned title track has a swirling, carnival like keyboard from Lisa Farfisa that gives one a longing for Summer while the song itself takes on a story line that goes through the year, ensuring the song will outlive the season. The b-side "Heard You Got A Thing For Me" is a great tune. Musically, it carries pure simplicity in a few basic guitar chords from Rocket Queen and Squirrel, evenly spaced by a slow, heavy beat from Bella Donna. However, the timing of guitar and drums combined with Sugar Cane's bass create music that's full of nooks, crannies, and great little subtleties to pick out. Additionally, the keyboard parts give it an '80s neo-psychedelic pop mood, but what's noticed most is the simple but great sounding, '60s influenced vocal harmonies.

The appeal of St. Valentine's Day Massacre lies within its simplicity for great '60s pop songs. It's fun, simple, and catchy, but it's also great music. The release of a single also brings back a tactic used by The Beatles in whetting one's appetite for more. Additionally, the vocal harmonies on "Heard You Got A Thing For Me" are more than impressive in being a great compliment to the first all girl, '60s influenced band The Bangles, who happened to be more talented, played better music, and had better, simple hooks than many of their counterparts. It's a great compliment to see The Cocktail Slippers following in their footsteps, but staying original by rocking out just a little harder.

The Cocktail Slippers will be performing in Austin at South By Southwest Music Festival. Showtimes to be announced.

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