Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The best garage, psychedelic, fuzz, powerpop rock 'n' roll is being created today. It's coming from everywhere! Most of it goes unnoticed, and that's the always been the story. I catch as much as possible of the music in my radar and write an in depth review so everyone who wantst to find great new music will find it. After all, it sure beats waiting for Rhino Records to release another Nuggets box set!

To some, the bands on or soon to be on this page or posting bulletins are not much alike, but they all share a commonality in mixed influences or early garage, psychedelic, surf, and Motown.
Garage rock has spanned nearly 5 decades now, but there's a common thread that bands from all decades share: they have a combination of at least two of the following: Three chord songs, psychedelic, surf, Motown, powerpop, and fuzzy guitars. The Paisley Underground is a term used to described 60's influenced psychedelic/garage/surf/power pop music created by bands in the '80s who were inspired by an earlier generation of mostly unheard of but great rock and roll bands that had mixtures of 3 chord garage, psychedelia, surf, and Motown. We're here to celebrate that movement, the origins it came from, and everyone out there who's still going or moving it forward. I came up with the idea of "Paisley Umbrella" since it's something that people can fit under.

I'm not going to lament about the crap that most people like since it's shoved on them, but every decade or so, people get fed up with it, so they go back to basics and create music that's raw, fun, and loud. The real truth in all of this is that they always go backwards to original garage/psych/surf and powerpop, since that's REAL rock 'n' roll.

I'll forego the rest of the history lesson. Garage, psychedelic, surf and powerpop all have a shared origin and combine in various ways to make the best rock 'n' roll out there.

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